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Why Node.JS is The Best Choice For Web App Development?

To fully grasp the power of NodeJS development services and the innovative approach it brings to web development, you must first have a little sense of how web development works. It goes something like this- browser requests a web page from the server and the server responds with an HTML page which likewise contains JavaScript. The browser then renders this file and displays the corresponding page. Also, when the server is processing the request of one client, it does not respond to others. On the off chance that you intently screen this model, you can easily spot two bottlenecks, the response time at the server-side and rendering time at the client-side.

Node.JS development, though works on a similar client-server model, does things very differently. For starters, it works on JavaScript everywhere, which implies it employs JavaScript on both client and server sides, thus, departing from the traditional notion of utilizing different languages for these two sides.

Also, NodeJS utilizes server-side scripting, which means that it creates dynamic pages before the file is sent to the browser and therefore, drastically cuts short the time, which otherwise would be spent on rendering by the browser. Third, it works on non-blocking I/O architecture, which implies that it can serve multiple clients, scaling up to several thousand, concurrently without taking a dip in performance.

Thus, Node.JS is not just a back-end development tool but to a great extent utilized for full-stack development.

This makes it a go-to technology for these significant purposes:

Web apps:
Classic web apps can be easily developed using NodeJS with the additional advantage of higher response time and more SEO-friendly content.

Single-page apps:
Since NodeJS does all the weightlifting on the server-side, single-page apps created on it are extremely light and quick.

Data streaming:
Because of its non-blocking mode and real-time rendering capabilities, it the ideal technology to create data-streaming applications for a larger number of users.

How you can benefit by deploying NodeJS in your web development?

Higher productivity
When front-end and back-end development are treated as two different entities, deploying different technologies, it definitely makes discontinuity and the overall procedure becomes tough to deal with. But with NodeJS development services, both sides employ the same technology, allowing developers to communicate flawlessly and eliminate any bottlenecks. This results in higher overall productivity and better-quality products.

Seamless Upgradation
While NodeJS deploys the same codebase for both the client and server-side, it makes the task of future maintenance very easy and the apps can be upgraded with minimal efforts and cost.

Wrapping up

Node.js plays a vital role in creating scalable and high performing web apps. For business owners who are looking for a major change in their web application, NodeJS can play a significant role and prove to be the perfect fit for your project. And for that, they only have to find the best NodeJs development company like XongoLab that can develop a top-notch web app.

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