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Top 5 Reasons to Use React Native App Development Services

React Native is a popular JavaScript framework based on the React library, developed by Facebook in 2015. First, it was designed for iOS alone, later its notoriety made Facebook extend it to Android too making it useful for cross-platform app development. The feature of React Native is that a single code base is enough to create native-looking applications in both OS. It also allows for faster app development with a rich UI. Many popular applications developed utilizing React Native like Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Pinterest, Uber Eats, etc. Let’s see some reasons behind React Native’s popularity.

Cross-platform Support
The most remarkable feature of React Native is its cross-platform support. A single code base for both Android and iOS is worth mentioning. It gives you all the tools for building up both Android and iOS apps. With React Native app development services, you can develop applications for the two audience sets without much extra effort and time.

Third-party support
React Native is popular for its third-party plug-ins, which offers some awesome features that integrate smoothly with the native modules. It implies there are more features available for the developers to make the app better. These third-party plug-ins can be linked to the native modules, making the development process quicker and more feature-rich.

Live Reload Feature
Another additional feature is the live reload feature. It helps the developer to see the live updates right away. Think about two windows open, one with the code block and the other that shows the mobile screen. All the changes done on the code are immediately reflected on the mobile screen. This feature is not present in any other native frameworks. It assists the developer to see the update and analyze it further instantly.

Faster & Cost-Effective
As already mentioned, the development cycle is quicker while utilizing React Native compared to its counterparts. The live reload feature saves a great deal of time, as you can see the changes without recompiling the entire code each time.

Another advantage is you do not have to spend extra time creating separate code bases for Android and iOS; a single code base works on both platforms. It diminishes the cost. If you want to develop your app in a quick time that too at a minimal price, hire a reliable React Native app development company.

Rich UI
Another attractive feature is its unique and eye-catching UI features. React Native is developed exclusively for mobile UI. So unlike other JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React Native is more UI focused and works more like a JS library rather than a framework. The UI developed is highly responsive, giving seamless performance and quick load time.

Wrapping up
React Native is a developer-friendly platform that provides a rich user experience with apps build up in native languages. React native app development services is in its prime now. The manner in which Facebook has kept up and upgraded it is also splendid. There is no uncertainty React Native has an extremely bright future.


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